OnDemandAbles™ is new, one of the newest things to grace the literary world.
For years, Amazon has been the only game in town with their copywritten term Audibles®.
However, the OnDemandAbles™ process allows the author to keep their rights and own their books audio books. For example, when authors want to sell their books, they are forced to buy their own written works; their creation through Amazon. But, Amazon is holding your book hostage! You have to buy your own book that you created through Amazon! Your take: 33%;
theirs: 67%. This is outrageous! They control your book sales and they control you! Not to mention the cost Amazon is charging you to market your own your book!
So, lets break this down: Amazon has great traffic, but you be the judge. How many books are you selling? One thing OnDemandables™ can do is promote you with our worldwide tools.
We cannot guarantee your book will be a best seller, that is on you how good your book is. What we can guarantee is you will get the promotion and marketing that it could make it all a possibility.
When you promote your book you are promoting Amazon. When Mvpondemand promotes your book we are promoting you.
How it Works
Audio Books (OnDemandables™) have a staff of professional voice artists who can turn your book into an audio book, an OnDemandables™ audio book. You can choose the type of voice that will make your book come alive! Once that is achieved, you will be sent the Audio file of your book.
Pricing and MSRP
We suggest you charge the audio portion of your book the same as the paperback. Keep your e-book the same pricing as you traditionally have. The advantage of this method is you control your book and sales promotion and marketing.
When someone orders your OnDemandables™ audio book, you just send them the audio book file. This can be an extra tool for your Amazon book sales; or by pass the cost of editing, proofreading, formatting, Copyright (ISBN) filing, shipping, and so on.
All the above overhead costs you money for just selling your book. By using OnDemandables™, money you save is the money you can invest in promotions and marketing to sell more books
OnDemandables™ will give your audio book teaser trailer. Give us a summary or blurb of your book and our team will make an audio book teaser trailer. This is very helpful for your future customerz to click on your trailer and listen to a quick audio summary of your book. This will open you to a wider audience and help book sales.

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